Very good article and helpful tips for newer writers as well, Anangsha.

I just got one comment, you’ve just made your first $1440+ which is pretty remarkable by the way also the way you got there.

Yet, I think it’s not right or accurate to say that you’re now making this amount a month. Is it?

It had just happened once, not over a few rolling months and considering your two commissioned pieces, if in any case it’d drop to 1 piece this month, then it may significantly affect the final amount earned.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish you well and even to keep crossing this amount month after month! Yet, I trust we should be as correct with our statements as possible.

When when it comes to Dipanshu, I trust the biggest impact over his earning increase was that he started publishing with a big publication almost exclusively. He was already a very good writer — quality of work and content wise.

A big pub means big exposure and clearly much higher earnings.

The same happened to me.



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